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EZ-Pedo Crowns for Children

At Battlefords Dental Centre, our dentists use EZ-Pedo crowns to help restore the function and appearance of natural teeth for children.

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EZ-Pedo Crowns for Children

EZ-Pedo crowns are ideal for children who need a durable crown to restore the appearance and function of a natural tooth that has experienced damage or decay. 

These zirconia crowns are typically used in restoration dental procedures and are a safe, effective alternative to the stainless steel crowns traditionally used on primary teeth.

Made of ceramic zirconia and bioactive composite materials, they are strong, natural-looking and stain-resistant. The crown covers a tooth's surface, protecting and strengthening its structure.

Our dentists can help you decide if an EZ-Pedo Crown is right for your child.

EZ-Pedo Dental Crown Procedure

Sometimes, teeth experience so much decay that large parts of it need to be removed. In these cases, your child's dentist may choose to use a durable, custom-made EZ-Pedo crown. 

Before the procedure, a dentist will thoroughly inspect your child's teeth to determine whether an EZ-Pedo crown is the best solution for your child's restoration. 

A mold of your child's teeth will then be taken so a crown can be custom-made. Once we receive the crown, the existing tooth is prepared and the crown is placed in your child's mouth. An anesthetic may be provided to minimize any discomfort your child may feel. 

Benefits of EZ-Pedo Dental Crowns

If your child has a damaged tooth, your dentist may choose to protect and strengthen it with an EZ-Pedo Crown. This can have benefits including:

  • Deep internal retention grooves lock out bacteria and improve strength
  • Resistant to dental decay and plaque buildup
  • Highly durable and cosmetic, aesthetically pleasing alternative to composite restorations
  • Made to precisely fit your child's mouth, ensuring the health of their damaged tooth and other existing teeth is protected

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